5 Bizarre Things That Clog Sewer Pipes!

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After 30 or 40 years of unclogging sewer drains you find some pretty strange things in people’s pipes.  We won’t get into any of the common or unappetizing clogs, but rather let’s explore some of the most strange. People often spend too much time asking “how” these items got flushed. The better question is “what can I do to make sure I never end up one this list!?”

Here are five bizarre things that have been known to clog sewer pipes!

  1. Rolls of Toilet Paper. We don’t mean lots of it; we mean entire rolls of toilet paper flushed whole!  How does this happen? The answer is often found in small children that just learned how to pull the lever.  What were you thinking leaving loose rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom!?
  2. Bouncy Balls. They vary in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but one thing is common, they will clog your drain faster than you can let out a deep sigh. Our four legged friends are often the silent perpetrators.
  3. Crayons. You might these little wax sticks would flush down the toilet smoothly, and sometimes they do, but if too many of them hit a sharp bend all at once or if there is already a partial clog then you could end up with a massive rainbow problem.
  4. Food, uneaten of course. From bananas to apples to bags of cereal, it if looks flushable, it has caused a clog.  Who would flush food you ask? Well, not just the toddlers you were picturing.  Plenty of adults think the toilet is synonymous with the garbage can. Don’t flush food!
  5. Action Figures! That’s right; sometimes our favorite super heroes go on an exploratory mission only to end up needing to be rescued themselves. There is nothing quite like needing to cut out a section of hopelessly clogged pipe only to find Spiderman stuck inside.

Have you experienced something equally bizarre clogging a pipe, comment and let us know!