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July 18, 2017
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Water Pressure Booster

Water pressure, it’s one of those things that if you have it, you never think about it.  But if you are lacking good water pressure, you are keenly aware of it and have to adjust your lifestyle around it.  But, there are quick and cost effective ways to boost your water pressure as high as you like

What Bad Water Pressure Means

Many people get so used to having poor water pressure that they do not realize how much it has impacted their lives.  There are lots of little quirks that arise from having bad water pressure which might include:

  • Not being able to shower on the second or third story of a home
  • Toilets taking forever to recharge
  • Not being able to wash the car with a hose or water the lawn well
  • Pipes freezing more readily in the winter
  • Bacteria or sediment building up in pipes because of poor flow
  • Sewers and drains clogging more frequently because there isn’t enough water flow to clear them properly
  • Not being able to do two things with water at once like dishes and laundry, or showers and anything else.

The list goes on and on. What most people do not realize though, is that in many situations there are relatively inexpensive solutions to improve water pressure. 

In fact, we have met people who had poor water pressure for years and years and when they found out we could fix that problem for them in a couple hours, it seemed to give them a new lease on life!  It may sound dramatic, but if you lived with water just barely trickling out of your facet for 20 years and instantly had 50+ PSI of pressure available, it would be like you just bought a new house.

Getting All The Water Pressure You Need

Low water pressure can be caused by a variety of problems, sometimes they can be corrected directly but the most frequent fix is to install a water pressure booster system. These systems are simple, inexpensive, and easy to install.  They work great and require minimal maintenance.

A water pressure boosting system works like this:

  1. You home’s main water line feeds into a pump that pushes water into a special holding tank that is connected to your home’s entire water system.
  2. The pump compresses the water in the holding tank to the desired pressure that you set it to, which also pressurizes your home’s whole water system.
  3. The tank acts as a reservoir of pressure, so whenever you turn on the water it is there instantly and the pump doesn’t need to turn on every time you use water.
  4. The pump then kicks on as needed to make sure the tank and your home always have the desired amount of pressure.

Depending on your family’s needs, you can get water pressure boosting systems in many different sizes such as with a larger pressure tank and a more powerful pump.  The biggest factor is how many ways do you use water at once.  If you have a house full of teenagers that all want to take showers simultaneously while you do laundry and wash the car then you will need a bigger system. 

Whatever the case, you do not need to settle for poor water pressure. Even if you only want to improve your water pressure by 5-10 PSI, boosting systems are available to fit every need.