The Plumbers Corner

January 3, 2018

7 Plumbing Problems You’ve Been Putting Off

As you sweep up the confetti from New Years, it is time to start thinking about what you need to tackle first this year. The guests are gone, the store room has space once again, and this may be the perfect time to get to those pesky plumbing problems you were putting off because of the holidays. Don’t wait until […]
December 1, 2017

10 Plumbing Christmas Gift Ideas!

Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is busy thinking about what gifts to give. Unfortunately, plumbing is usually seen as unavoidable repair work and not something gift worthy.  But there are some great plumbing related gifts you can give that are sure to result in big smiles!  Here is a list of great plumbing gift ideas: Inline Hot […]
November 2, 2017

Your Holiday Plumbing Checklist

Every year it seems like the holidays catch lots of people off guard, us included! We realize we are just days away from having guests come visit and we remember a whole list of things that need done at the last minute. When it comes to plumbing, a little bit of planning early on can save you a lot of […]
October 3, 2017

5 Bizarre Things That Clog Sewer Pipes!

After 30 or 40 years of unclogging sewer drains you find some pretty strange things in people’s pipes.  We won’t get into any of the common or unappetizing clogs, but rather let’s explore some of the most strange. People often spend too much time asking “how” these items got flushed. The better question is “what can I do to make […]