Sewer Jetter Service


Professional Sewer Jetter Service

A sewer jetter has the power to cut through roots, grease, sludge, mud and pretty much anything else that gets in its way. Using a special nozzle and water pressurized to 4,000 psi it creates a swirling jet that not only slices through muck and debris but cleans and washes at the same time.

Shelton Plumbing is jetter trained and certified. We are equipped with some of the highest quality and most advanced jetter technology on the market. We are able to get into the tightest places, with some of the safest, quietest, and most powerful equipment available. No clogged pipe is safe!

Often a jetter is the only way to clean out the worst clogs in pipes and save the high cost of replacing them. It is also used as part of the trenchless pipelining process to clean out a sewer pipe before lining it.

Commercial customers like restaurants are also prime candidates for sewer jetting because they need heavy grease regularly cleaned out of their lines.

Jetting can be provided as a one time service, or as part of a monthly or annual maintenance plan. Call Shelton Plumbing at 724-335-7177 to learn more.