A New Way To Manage Storm Water & Drainage Issues

This has been a tough year for storm water and drainage issues. It seems like things that have never flooded are flooding and some areas never seem to dry out. When areas of your yard are a perpetual puddle it can cause all sorts of issues ranging from an inconvenience to safety or health hazard to breaching municipal code. This is why we have been pioneering a new technology that helps solve drainage issues in ways that appear miraculous. It’s called Hydroblox.

Hydroblox planks are made of recycled thermoplastics that utilize advanced capillary action to channel water away from where you don’t want it. What does that mean? Well they are essentially two inch wide strips of material that absorb, hold, and transfer water through a web microscopic tubes and channels that never clog.

Imaging digging a two inch wide trench in a marshy yard and filling it with boards of plastic that can instantly absorb and channel away nearly one gallon per square foot per second. Wherever you dig the trench is where the water will go, and no downhill slope is needed. Even if there is nowhere to take the water, if you bury enough of the material, it can absorb and hold the water that comes during a storm and disperse it back into the ground over time, thus getting rid of puddles and marshy yards.

Hdroblox is being used in all sorts of applications from poorly drained back yards to golf courses and baseball fields. Wherever serious drainage is needed this new materials is doing amazing things. And it does not clog like French drains, it absorbs faster, holds more, and channels water away faster. Since the material has so much surface area it is much more efficient than pipes. It also lasts longer, does not crush, and needs essentially no maintenance.

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