Trenchless Pipelining

zero-dig-logo-trans200Our Perma-Lateral™ Lining System is a faster, more cost effective alternative to excavation. This system:

  • Fixes cracked or broken sewers without digging up yards, driveways, sidewalks, and streets
  • Eliminates root infiltration and storm water leaks
  • Bridges missing pipe sections and provides stand-alone pipe repair

Until recently, a broken or leaky sewer usually meant digging up the yard and often the driveway, sidewalk, road, any anything else overtop of the aged sewer pipe. This can be long, costly, and messy. But with the newest trenchless pipelining technology, old cracked or broken pipes can be fixed with little to no digging. Sewer pipe relining is faster, less expensive, and requires less red tape than digging up old pipes.

Our new trenchless sewer pipe repair system enables us to inspect a sewer line with a camera from an access point and pressure wash the pipe from the inside. We then steam cure an epoxy saturated liner installed through the pipe and visually inspect the finished repair work. All of this can often be done in one day and much more affordably than the old way of digging up the yard. The pipe repair process has been third party verified to last a minimum of 50 years.


Depending on local municipal laws, many homes require leaky or damaged sewer lines to be repaired and visually inspected so that a house can be sold. Our Zero Dig Trenchless Pipelining repair system is almost always the fastest, cleanest, and most cost effective solution. We also work with municipalities to confirm the visual inspection of the repair so homes can be sold.

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