Hot Water Tanks

At Shelton Plumbing, we think of hot water as more than just a tank, it’s a system. We of course install, service, and sell hot water tanks. With every installation, we also take a five step approach to make sure you get excellent service and the job gets done right.

  1. We start with making sure clean water is making it to the hot water tank. This improves the lifespan and efficiency of your system.
  1. After that, we examine your pipes for leaks, corrosion, or electric conductivity which can cause problems with your hot water system down the road.
  1. We then help you select a hot water tank that is the right fit for your needs and budget.
    1. A tank that is too small won’t provide you with enough hot water and it will always be working hard, using too much energy, and wearing out faster.
    2. Too large of a tank will cost you more up front and use extra energy over time.
  1. Then we make sure your tank is setup correctly and has the right safety provisions, proper wiring, and good ventilation to ensure a long lifetime of dependable service.
    1. We also calibrate the water temperature to fit your preferences and budget.
  1. After that, we can check to see if a recirculation system would be a good fit for you. These can help insure that you always have hot water on tap and do not need to run the water for a long time for it to heat up.
    1. This makes things more convenient, especially for multi-level homes
    2. Reduces the amount of water wasted every time you use hot water
    3. And can ultimately save money by saving water and improving efficiency

In addition to a traditional hot water tank system, we also install in-line water heaters which can supply continuous, never ending hot water on demand. Mixing valves are also a good solution for many people; these can help prevent scalding and are also able to significantly increase the hot water capacity of a tank.

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