Save Water, Save Money

It happens to everyone from time to time, an old toilet, facet, shower, or other fixture breaks and needs replacing. It’s easy to think of these events as money down the drain, but in all actuality they could save you money.

Old plumbing fixtures are often inefficient, built to old standards, and use more water to less effect. Replacing some of these can have a noticeable impact on your water bill.

The average American family uses around 10,000 gallons of water per month. It is not uncommon for high efficiency toilets, facets, and showers to use 40% less water than old fixtures. How would a 40% savings on your water bill impact your budget?

Even if it took a few years, eventually that savings would pay for the cost of the materials and installation of the new fixtures. Plus there are other benefits to using less water:

  • Septic systems benefit from filling up slower and can even save you money on maintenance.
  • Hot water tanks can keep up longer and work more efficiently saving you more money.
  • Using less water helps your municipality manage resources better and benefits the environment.
  • If you have a well, then the benefits of using less water are only multiplied.  

So next time your old toilet or facet begins to wear out, look at the positive side of things. In the long run, that could result in more money in your pocket. It also might not be a bad idea to consider replacing other fixtures while you are at it, you can likely save money on bundling some replacements and making bigger gains lowering your water bill.

But keep in mind you want to make sure your new fixtures are more efficient than the old ones. Look for high efficiently items and compare their flow ratings to find what suits you best.

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