Your Safety Is Our Priority

At Shelton Plumbing our utmost priority is your safety which we deliver through the extraordinary group of talented professionals who make up our team. As communities continue to feel the increasing impact of the COVID-19 Virus, we recognize that creates concerns.

In order to protect our customers , and our dedicated teammates, we are taking the following steps. 

  • Following Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations as well as local health guidelines on the best practices for mitigating risk.
  • Self-quarantining any teammate who may have been exposed to the virus
  • Frequently washing hands and/or using hand sanitizer during and in between appointments
  • Following CDC guidelines related to “social distancing” (not shaking hands and maintaining a safe distance)
  • Conversing outside or in an open area when possible
  • Wiping down all equipment and materials with sanitizer prior to leaving your property

Our top priority is to ensure that you are comfortable and feel protected.

If you have special request be sure to let us know.