3 Industry Secrets For Bathroom Plumbing

A lot of service plumbing centers around the bathroom, so you can imagine that after spending so many hours working on the same types of projects a plumber might learn a thing or two. Here are three industry secrets that we have picked up over the years that you might find interesting and helpful.

Not All Toilets Are Created Equal

When it comes to price, you are not just buying looks in this area. The way the toilet is made, the diameter of the piping, and the taper from small to large can make a big difference when it comes to clogging and fixing clogs. The hardware in the tank is a big component too. The cheapest option today will likely cost you more money and frustration in the long run. Make sure you are always getting a quality piece of equipment here, especially since you will be using it every single day.

Plungers Can Work Miracles

Most people would consider themselves proficient with a plunger, and to some extent they are. But a good commercial plunger in the hands of an experienced plumber is another thing altogether. It is like the difference between a cook using a kitchen knife vs a surgeon using a scalpel. Don’t begrudge a plumber who is able fix a seemingly impossible issue with just a plunger. And at the same time, if a plumber needs to bring in more equipment to deal with a clog, it is because there really was no other way.

 Doing It Yourself Can Be Dangerous

DIY projects are popular these days, but when it comes to sanitation plumbing, an amateur mistake can have big consequences. The flow of waste water, and any water, has to be carefully handled. If the wrong pipe leaks it could lead to moister and mold that can fill your house. In more severe cases, bacteria can spread and lead to disease. Some DIY projects can be relatively harmless to try. But when it comes to plumbing, you could be risking safety of your home or your health.