Is Your Dish Washer Saving You Money?

Dishwashers are great tools, but they are not just for convenience anymore. Modern machines can also help save you money, lots of money.

The dishwasher was first invented in 1850, but it took 100 years of improvements before it became popular in the U.S. in the 1950s. Early dishwashers were a novelty, they did not save time or money. In the late 1900s they became helpful, practical and a time saver, but they were still not a way to do dishes cheaper. Fast forward to the energy efficiency movement of today and we have a new breed of dishwashers that can do it all.

At first dishwashers used a lot of water and even more energy to keep heating that water.  But they worked, and that is what counted.  Today on the other hand, we have machines that not only save us time but they can pay for themselves. And here is how:

  • Today dishwashers use much less water due to modern pumps and hoses that can operate with less water over all.
  • Those new pumps can also run at higher pressure while using less energy than their predecessors. This enables them to clean faster.
  • Modern heating technology heats the water using less energy, and since there is less water, there is less to heat.
  • The water is actually heated hotter allowing it to clean faster and more efficiently. Faster means less time the water temperature needs to be maintained and more efficiency means less energy is needed to do the job.
  • Modern detergents also help the machine clean faster and more effectively.
  • Today dishwashers need less total detergent which is another savings.
  • Insulation helps keep the water hotter using less energy.
  • The dishwashers of today are better designed to hold more dishes in optimal configurations which allows you to use the same amount of water and energy to clean more dishes.

Now compare that to doing dishes by hand where the water may be constantly running and used for soaking, washing, rinsing, etc.  One research study found that doing the same amount of dishes by hand used between 25% and 1300% more water and between 400% and 1,000% more energy than a modern dishwasher. That is amazing.

Can a good dishwasher save you money? Absolutely.  This was not always the case, but today a dishwasher is not just a time saver, it is a money saver as well.

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