Plumbing Protects The Health Of The Nation

You probably never thought that plumbing is what makes the difference between a developing nation where sickness runs rampant through the population and a modern country where many people have never heard of Cholera. If you think that’s a small deal then take 90 seconds and read a little bit about Cholera.

The Measure of a Nation

The truth is that plumbing can make or break a nation. Sure, it sounds kind of self-serving for plumbers to say that. But did you click the link to read about Cholera?

Some people look at all the complicated rules and regulations surrounding plumbing as a big headache. And while there may be a few too many regulations, most of them exist because they are proven to save lives.

Plumbing Saves Lives

For example, small changes in how your drains operate can effect the buildup of bacteria. Minor issues with how your wastewater is handled can allow that bacteria to get into your ground water, or even spread through your yard. Then after even a short time, simply walking through the yard can bring germs into your home that your body has no experience fighting. Even small, seemingly harmless plumbing “shortcuts” can lead to major issues down the road.

Heat Is More Than Convenience

And it doesn’t stop there. Natural gas provides one of the safest and healthiest forms of heating and cooking. Every inch of gas line, every pipe fitting, every safety specification is overseen by the watchful eye of a seasoned plumber. Likewise, hot water for bathing is seen as a necessary convenience, but imagine taking cold showers in the winter and how that would hurt the immune system, especially of children and the elderly.

Protecting Your Health

Plumbing can make all of the difference. Doing it right can protect you and everyone around you from a massive variety of illnesses. Clean drinking water, properly disposing of waste water, efficient home heating and even hot water save countless lives and has made the standard of living that we enjoy in America possible.

Count your blessings and keep in mind that a skilled plumber might be helping you just as much as a good doctor.