Shelton Plumbing Announcing Trenchless Pipelining!

Earlier this year we noticed a growing need in our community for trenchless sewer repair. In fact some municipalities began mandating that leaky sewers must be fixed so homes can be sold. The old way of fixing these sewers was very expensive and we wanted to offer a more affordable solution to our customers.

Digging Up Sewer Lines Is No Fun

Traditional sewer pipe repair involves digging up the sewer line, leaving trenches several feet deep that run through yards, break up sidewalks, ruin driveways, potentially damage unmarked electrical, gas, and water lines, and possibly even dig up roads. These types of repairs are difficult and costly. But trenchless pipelining enables us to repair sewer lines by getting inside of the pipe with little or no digging. I can be done much faster and at a fraction of the cost.

A New Trenchless Pipelining System

Shelton Plumbing decided that it was in our customer’s best interests for us to invest in the latest most advanced trenchless sewer repair equipment. We partnered with Perma-Liner Industries, the leading manufacturer and supplier of trenchless pipeline equipment in all of North America. We undertook their thorough training and qualification program and became a certified and fully insured Perma-Liner installer.

Zero Dig Sewer Repair

Sometimes referred to as zero dig sewer repair, this system can not only save as much as half the cost of traditional digging, but it can also save you the cost of repairing everything you would have had to dig up such as sidewalks and driveways. And we make sure to work with your municipality so that the repair is fully compliant with all sewer regulations.

Third Party Verified To Last Over 50 Years

This new sewer repair system enables us to inspect a sewer line with a camera from an access point, pressure wash the pipe from the inside, steam cure an epoxy saturated liner installed through the pipe, and visually inspect the finished repair work. All of this can often be done in one day, and much more affordably than the old way of digging up the yard. And the sewer pipe repair process has been third party verified to last a minimum of 50 years.

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